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Essential for blisterroof transplantation in Vitiligo

Vitiligo considerably reduces quality of life. Vitiligo is difficult to treat. Until now. Combining UV-light with Lipoxellin® is proven to be an effective treatment. Even persisting lesions are treatable.

The solution is blister roof transplantation. First, the Vacublis® induces blisters. Blisterroofs are then transplanted in the vitiligo lesion. Donor and acceptor sites will cure without leaving scars, while UV-light (Multicare LUX 300®) and Lipoxellin® will restore pigment cells in the lesion.


  • Effective treatment in persisting vitiligo
  • State-of the art
  • Scientifically proven


  • Durable suitcase, made from impact resistant ABS, with fitted, protective foam interior
  • Multicare Vacublis® device
  • AC power supply (battery charger)
  • 2x Vacublis® Applicator (sterile, single use, order replacements here)
  • 2x Vacublis® Applicator strap (velcro, sizes M and S)
  • User guide and service manual
  • Brochure


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